With the concept of teaching while playing games, members of Magic Bus, an organisation with nation-wide network, join hands to contribute to society in every possible way. Children of the fishermen community at Peda Jalaripeta come together to play football and other outdoor games while learning health and hygiene.

The idea is to reach out to a total of 25,000 children of marginalised communities across the district and educate them on various topics that cover health, gender sensitisation other than developing communication skills in a play-way method. “The focus is to educate the young children involving them in a row of outdoor games,” training and monitoring officer of Magic Bus Ch. Srinivas Rao said.

As part of the education-cum-sports drive, Magic Bus intends to distribute 900 pairs of branded shoes (Toms) to children in places like Chinna Gadili, Bheemili, Gajuwaka, Pedagantyada, Parwada, among others. It has distributed 200 pairs of shoes to the children at GVMC Peda Jalaripeta Municipal Primary School. The rest will be given away in a phased manner. On a daily basis, children of the school rush to the premises after the school hours to play outdoor games that carry a message. “It has been two years since the team members of Magic Bus have volunteered to help groom the personality of our children. These specially designed outdoor games leave a positive impact on these children and also indicate an improved academic performance,” Principal of the school M. Maheswari explained.

Founder member of Andhra University Evergreen Engineers S. Trinadha Rao said: “The biggest challenge is to discipline the youngsters and encourage them to play message-oriented outdoor games. And by doing so it not only boosts their confidence levels but also leaves a positive impact to spread the message.”

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