A group of volunteers have come together to offer relief to birds and animals in their own little way.

With the concept of providing clean drinking water to domestic animals and birds, Ken Foundation Society, an NGO, has taken the lead to distribute bowls free of cost made of cement to residents of various areas in the city.

Birds and pet animals are more prone to dehydration during summer, president of Ken Foundation Society P. Santosh said.

“During summer, many birds die because of the simple reason that they do not have enough water to quench their thirst. Placing bowls filled with fresh water near balcony or the terrace or in open areas would help the birds drink it when required. With the rise in the mercury levels, this simple arrangement would mean a lot to the birds.” The team has identified a few areas and would be distributing the bowls in a phased manner. For networking and to pool up more volunteers for the cause, the NGO has a Facebook account. Those who want to connect with the organisation and take part in the campaign or collect free bowls to provide clear drinking water to birds and pet animals can contact 9885674949.

Vice-presidents of the NGO G. Vijay Kumar Raj and M. Srinivasa Rao along with executive member G. Ramakrishna also participated.

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