The process of registering for Aadhaar number will be conducted in a systematic manner from March 12 and 75 registration centres, spread over all wards of the GVMC would start functioning on that day, Joint Collector Pravin Kumar informed in a press release here on Saturday.

“Staff of GVMC and the Project Director of Urban Community Development (UCD) along with members of SHGs will visit every house in a ward, issue the Aadhaar registration application form, a pamphlet that guides an applicant in registration process and a slip on which the date the members of the family has to appear at the Aadhaar counter for registration. Members of a family have to be present at the Aadhaar counter on the day allotted to them for registration,” Mr. Pravin Kumar explained the process chalked out for registration.

The Aadhaar registration centres would function till all residents under GVMC area are registered, the Joint Collector assured.

Since the application form and slip indicating the date allotted for registration are given to a family at its house itself, there is no need for people to flock to the Aadhaar centre every day and face inconvenience. Forty five houses in a ward will be covered every day, District Supply Officer (city) S. Jwalaprakash said.

Five persons of a family can apply in a form and if there are more than five in a family, a photocopy of the application form can be used to give details of other members of the family.

If one or more in a family cannot come for registration, the rest of the family members can get registered themselves on the date allotted to them.

Those who have already registered for the National Population Register (NPR) at the biometric registration centres need not register again for Aadhaar card, Mr. Pravin Kumar said. Eight lakh out of 20 lakh people in the GVMC area have registered for Aadhaar so far and the Aadhaar cards will be sent to them shortly, he said.


Earlier the Joint Collector held a meeting with Government Whip Dronamraju Srinivasa Rao, MLAs Tynala Vijaya Kumar and V.R.K. Babu on Aadhaar card registration. Each ward will have one registration centre and three more centres are being kept standby to be used in bigger wards if there is a need. Two kits will be used in each registration centre.

Texmart India is the agency given the responsibility of enrolling people for Aadhaar cards in GVMC area.

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