In Operation Seize Fort conducted at Paderu, involving about 100 civil police and CRPF personnel on Saturday, six persons were arrested and 45 kg of ganja was seized at Paderu.

At G. Madugula, two persons were arrested and 20 kg of ganja was recovered along with a motorcycle.

Operation Seize Fort

The Additional Superintendent of Police of Paderu in a press release said that during Operation Seize Fort, many suspected hideouts were thoroughly searched, vehicles were searched at many locations and general public were frisked.

Cordon and search operations were also conducted.

At Paderu, three persons from Tamil Nadu and and equal number from Kadapa district were arrested for possession and transportation of 45 kg of ganja.

In another case, three persons were arrested and five litres of illicitly distilled liquor was seized from them. From the two arrested at G. Madugula, 20 kg of ganja was seized.

Search operations

Circle Inspector of Paderu said Operation Seize Fort and cordon and search operations would continue in the area to put a check on the activities of the criminals and Maoists.

He requested the public to cooperate with the police and pass on information if illegal activities were taking place in their areas.

The lodge owners and other renting rooms were told to ascertain the details of their guests before allotting rooms and to inform the police if they found any suspicious characters.


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