The 54th International Day for the Deaf was observed at Andhra Loyola College on Saturday in which over 300 hearing impaired persons from various districts of coastal Andhra took part and showcased their talent in silence.

The programme was organised by the Deaf EnAbled Foundation (DEF) with the assistance of Higher Education for Persons with Special Needs (HEPSN) of Andhra Loyola College. Interacting with the participants in sign language, Chief Executive of Deaf EnAbled Foundation T.K.M. Sandeep said that the Central Government's decision to promote sign language had come as a big boon to students of hearing impaired.

“The efforts by Indira Gandhi National Open University (IGNOU) to launch sign language courses were laudable. The decision was a shot in the arm for the students who depended on sign language for communication and wished to pursue higher education”.

Mr. Sahaya Bhaskaran, co-ordinator, HEPSN Andhra Loyola College, said that these meetings would create awareness among the general public about the sign language and would inspire them to learn the basics. “The life of a hearing impaired person would be made easier if the normal human being learns a little bit of sign language,” he added.

He said that the foundation was extending a helping hand to improve the standard of living of the hearing impaired by enlightening and advocating them on human rights, legal rights, education, life skills and also social events like marriage. “We, at Loyola, offer our premises for them (foundation) to conduct classess,” he added. He also said that among the disabled lot, hearing impaired persons formed a big chunk. The youngsters staged playlets in which there were no dialogues but only expressions.

Andhra Loyola College principal Dr. A. Francis Xavier, Mr. T.V. Gupta, chairman, Vijaya Lions Services and Charitable Trust Ms. T.R.V. Satyavani, coordinator, DEF, took part in the meeting.

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