Call it a faux pas or plagiarism, Andhra Pradesh Building and Other Construction Workers’ Welfare Board has posted ‘misleading information’ on its website: http://apbuildingworkersboard. org much to the confusion of the people involved in infrastructure sector.

The content was blindly copied from http://karbuildingworkerswelfare. org, the website of Karnataka Building and Other Construction Workers Welfare Board and most of the information has no relevance to Andhra Pradesh. All irrelevant information is mostly under ‘Workers Desk’ where benefits that accrue to workers are listed.

For instance, in the renewal of membership column, the Karnataka Board has stated that the receipt will be provided in Kannada. The Andhra Pradesh Board, ‘unmindfully’, copied the same sentence informing the workers that the receipt will be issued in Kannada. “Why will a worker in Andhra Pradesh require a receipt in Kannada,” asked a bemused official.

The board has also posted several schemes that are not in vogue in the State.

If one was to believe the website, it promises to provide loan for construction or purchase of house for ‘every beneficiary who has served for a period not less than five years and having 15 years of service for superannuation and who owns a site in his name or in the name of his spouse.’ Surprisingly the board is not implementing any such scheme in the State. However, the scheme is being implemented in Karnataka, sources say.

The board is paying Rs.5,000 towards maternity expenses for a woman worker, in the website it is shown as Rs.4,000. Actually, the Karnataka Board is paying Rs.4,000. The AP Board pays Rs.2 lakh as accidental benefit, however, it has posted as Rs.1 lakh as assistance, which is actually given by the neighbouring Karnataka board.

The beneficiaries in Andhra Pradesh neither have pension scheme nor assistance for education of children, as posted on the website.

The list of blunders is very long to be listed here!

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