Paste badges on their backs with slogans like “We don’t fear ESMA”

The Vijayawada Municipal Corporation employees organised blind backward march to protest against the invoking of Emergency Services and Maintenance Act (ESMA) in Vijayawada on Monday.

The employees pasted badges on their backs with slogans – ESMA – an act of cowardice, we don’t fear ESMA, join hands face ESMA etc.

They raised slogans like “the Ministers may fear Sonia Gandhi, employees do not fear ESMA”, “we will achieve United Andhra”, “resign -Seemandhra minister should resign”, “down down Sonia-down down UPA” etc.

The VMC employees Association leader D. Eswar said that the Government was adopting pressure tactics. The employees were not scared of the ESMA or GOs and would not budge from their stand in order to keep the State united, he said. They were ready to sacrifice their salaries and lives for the purpose, he added.

Meanwhile, TDP Vijayawada Parliamentary constituency in charge Kesineni Srinivas (Nani) visited the relay hunger strike camp of the V.R. Siddhartha Engineering College students and faculty organised near the college premises.

On the occasion, he said that the Congress party’s slipshod decision would badly hit the prospects of students in coastal Andhra districts.

In many of the universities located in Hyderabad, the students from Seemandhra are likely to get at the most 2 to 3 seats in non-local category.

The students would also face problems with regard to employment, he felt.

The student community from Seemandhra was organising agitations in a peaceful manner to keep the State united and it was an eye-opener for many politicians. TRS leaders Kavita and KTR used the students of the Osmania and the Central universities as their pawns, he alleged.

Many students lost their lives, he pointed out.

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