The general strike in Telangana region and subsequent power cut is draining the resources of Vijayawada Municipal Corporation on generators to continue normal water supply.

The six-hour power cut in the city has compelled the VMC to hire 15 generators at a cost of Rs.15 lakh per month. The VMC is using the generators at J.D. Nagar, LIC Colony, Greenlands, SRR College, Labbipeta and other areas. The generators were being used to run boosters, pumps etc.

The officials fear that the problem would be severe if the power cut continues or increased beyond six hours. As the pumping of water to reservoirs and water drawal, treatment etc. would also be affected. As of now, the situation at K L Rao Head Water Works was not alarming as uninterrupted power was ensured. However, the power cut was being imposed at reservoirs and water plants forcing the VMC to use generators, officials say.

The dependence on borewells for water supply has upped the ante of Municipal Corporation.

The VMC is mostly depending on borewells to supply water in Patamata and its surrounding areas following sinking of 10 MGD plant at Ramalingeswara Nagar. The VMC dug as many as 29 borewells at various locations to supply water to different parts in the Vijayawada (East) segment alone.

The VMC dug five deep borewells after the plant sunk. The 10 MGD plant was able to cater to the needs of only 50 per cent of the 3 lakh population under Circle III. The remaining population was served bore water. As many as nine reservoirs under the Ramalingeswara Nagar plant supply water to more than 3 lakh people.

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