City Central MLA Malladi Vishnu faced the wrath of the Bezawada Bar Association members when he went to express solidarity with some public prosecutors who sat on fast on Tuesday demanding withdrawal of decision to bifurcate the State.

Those on fast allowed the MLA to sit with them, but then several advocates converged on the relay fast camp and began shouting slogans against the MLA.. “Go back, go back” the advocates shouted at the MLA.

The situation suddenly became tense when Mr. Vishnu refused to leave the relay fast camp.

The advocates raised slogans and began coming on to the MLA to drag him out of the campus.

Only resistance from the MLA’s followers prevented the advocates from actually pushing the MLA out.

Meanwhile, the police descended on the bar association to protect the MLA. This enraged the advocates even more and they began raising slogans against the police.

Mr. Vishnu slowly came out, but stopped before getting into his car to say that this was the handiwork of YSRCP and Telugu Desam Party workers.

The police then ensured that Mr. Vishnu got into his car and left the civil courts.

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