As part of its community participation it has added Vijayawada in its Tourism Web GIS framework

Indian Space Research Organisation’s ‘Bhuvan’ – a gateway to Indian Earth Observation and related activities, as part of its community participation has added Vijayawada in its Tourism Web GIS framework.

If you are interested in knowing the places of tourism interest in and around Vijayawada the information collected by students and other enthusiasts along with photographs are available on its website. The ISRO Bhuvan website said all tourism related datasets are collected by volunteering student community.

This facility was available only for Amritsar, Badami, Hampi (both in Karnataka) and Nalanda and now Vijayawada has become the fifth. “Bhuvan Tourism Web GIS framework is now enriched with Vijayawada City Tourism Datasets along with High Resolution datasets from Cartosat-1 (2.5m) merged with Resourcesat-1 (5.8m) having rich ground photographs besides already available Tourism Web GIS,” announces the website. To visit the website you can click here.

People of Vijayawada can collaborate with Bhuvan if someone feels like and can write to them at: The contribution of the volunteers will make other users, who wish to experience Bhuvan, as the knowledgeable information providers want them to visualise.

Mobile Bhuvan

A new mobile version of Bhuvan has also been launched for visualisation and geolocation. People can know their location and track their path while on the move. There is a link to download an Android app for all Smart phone users as well.

Bhuvan also helps in disaster management by providing some crucial information. For timely information on disaster, it regularly updates five natural disasters-related information for visualisation on the Bhuvan. Flood and landslide datasets were being updated to begin with.

There is also an ‘Add Content’ option available for adding Point of Interest (POI) data under various categories with simplified user interface. People can see their own data under 'My Content' option. Other users can also see the data added by enthusiasts under 'Unverified Content'.

One needs to be logged-in to use this option and can click on the terrain to get desired latitude/longitude value.

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