Ch. Punnyavati (60) and her granddaughter killed by lift mechanic

The festive atmosphere of Vijayadasami was shattered in the city by the double murder of an elderly woman and a girl in her teens at Thadanki Street in Satyanarayanapuram on Monday night. Ch. Punnyavati (60) and her granddaughter Ch. Sai Chandrika (13), studying eighth class, were brutally killed, allegedly by a lift mechanic, in their house.

According to the police, the crime was committed for gain, as gold ornaments worn by the two deceased persons were missing.

The incident occurred between 7.30 p.m. and 8 p.m. and it is suspected that the mechanic was assisted by two of his associates.

Suspect known person

Though the police were hesitant in divulging information since investigations were on, sources informed that the suspect, who was working on the renovation of the lift for the last three months, was known to the residents and taking advantage of that he and his associates would have gained entry into the house under some pretext. He was also aware that the family was into the jewellery business and was conscious that both the sons of Ms. Punnyavati and her husband Ch. Satyanarayana had gone to their native place for Dasara.

Once inside, they first stabbed Punnyavati in the neck and then slit her throat, said the SHO of Satyanarayanapuram S. Prasad Rao. At that time Punnyavati was in the kitchen preparing dinner.

Her granddaughter, who was playing outside returned home after buying some chocolates from a neighbouring shop at the same time, and upon seeing her and suspecting that they would be recognised, the lift mechanic pounced on her and killed the girl. According to the police, the little girl would have put up a brave fight, as the entire living room was splattered with blood.

A half-eaten chocolate was also found beside the body of the young girl. According to the police there were two stab injuries around her neck and her throat was also slit.

After relieving the bodies of all the gold that they were wearing, the accused broke open one cupboard and on not finding anything valuable tried to break open another one.

Meanwhile, Sai Chandrika’s friends who were waiting for her to return to play got suspicious and came to check what had happened only to find the grandmother and her granddaughter lying in a pool of blood. And when they raised an alarm, the accused jumped the wall and fled taking advantage of the darkness. The neighbours immediately alerted the police and informed the SI of the station M. Satyanarayana.

It is believed that one accused has been nabbed by Tuesday evening and a hunt is on for the others.

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