The 25th Vijayawada Book Festival (VBF) has got something for everyone as reputed publishers from all over the country put up their stalls in the sprawling Swaraj Maidan.

Wide range

It has a wide range of books on literature, educational material, information centres of some Universities, spiritual publications, children’s magazines, storybooks, books on competitive examinations for students, great personalities etc.

For book-lovers, it is like a paradise due to the sheer variety put up for sale and the visitors have every reason to be happy with the VBFS’s effort in setting up the platform for such a massive collection of books at one place.

Children's literature

The event is organised by the VBFS in association with National Book Trust (NBT). Children’s literature being the focal theme, the VBFS has duly concentrated on making a large number of books available for them, not only textbooks but also comics and many other publications that stimulate inquisitiveness in the young minds with lucid illustrations. Visitors can see children pestering their parents to buy comic books and other interesting things for them.

College-goers have also got a very good range of books that help them in bracing for a host of examinations, like the IIT-JEE, CAT, TOEFEL etc. Students of medicine and law can find some of the best publications on the respective subjects.

For the lovers of literature, the VBF has daily meetings, book releases, discussions and birth centenaries observed at Malati Chandur Sahitya Vedika and there is a Pratibha Vedika where various competitions are conducted. VBF is an excellent opportunity for all to make new friends, which are none other than books.

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