Truck operators worried over temporary permit fee at new check posts to enter Telangana and vice versa

Post-bifurcation, there is apprehension among car and two-wheeler owners, especially employees, about paying additional life tax for using their vehicles in both States. With transfers being inevitable for employees, there is uncertainty over the issue.

It is not just the case of non-transport vehicle owners, truck operators too are worried about the additional permit fee at the new check posts to enter Telangana.

After June 2, vehicles registered in Andhra Pradesh will be treated on par with other State vehicles in Telangana and vice versa. And, vehicle owners will have to cough up additional life tax in the new State.

Similarly, everyday close to 1,000 transport vehicles carry goods to Hyderabad and other districts in Telangana from Vijayawada. Once the new check posts become operational, truck drivers will have to obtain temporary permits to enter Telangana.

“At present, lorry owners are paying Rs. 5,470 quarterly tax per vehicle towards obtaining permit to ply anywhere in the State. Post June 2, they will have to obtain temporary permits for a week or a month by paying additional tax to ply between Hyderabad and Vijayawada,” says Y.V. Eswara Rao, general secretary of Andhra Pradesh Lorry Owners’ Association.

Given the ever-increasing fuel and operational costs, truck owners will end up in losses, if they have to obtain permits.

Eventually, this additional burden will be passed onto consumers, he explains.

“In the interest of truck operators and the general public, we have given a representation to A.N. Roy, advisor to the Governor, requesting him to permit vehicles registered in either States to ply without insisting on temporary permits at least for 10 years,” says Mr. Rao.

“In case of Chattisgarh, there was understanding between the two States over check posts and collection of life tax. Life tax paid in one State was approved by both States and temporary permits were not insisted for a particular period of time. In our case, it all depends on the new governments and the policy decision taken by them,” says a senior official from Transport department.

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