Thanks to ongoing agitation against the Congress’ decision to bifurcate the State, the prices of vegetables have gone through the roof. Rythu bazaars remained closed in support of Samaikyandhra, and it has hit the common man the most. The prices have gone up by 80 per cent to 100 per cent.

The prices were not stable throughout the day, and kept rising as the stocks began dwindling. The price of some vegetables rose sharply as their supply plummeted due to lack of transportation. The Kaleswara Rao Market, one of the prime vegetable markets in the city, was jam packed with customers despite skyrocketing price. And not to mention the prices at retail markets, the vendors had a field day.

The price of chilli touched Rs. 120 on Monday, while it was Rs. 100 on Sunday. And a week ago, the price was not more than 15 a kg. Wholesale prices suddenly jumped to Rs. 58. Brinjals which were available at less than Rs 25per kg last week had gone up to Rs 60 per kg. A bunch of spinach, fenugreek or coriander was sold for Rs. 10. The other leafy vegetables (three bunches) were available at Rs. 10.

The bitter gourd is priced at Rs. 50 a kg, while ladies finger is sold at Rs. 40 a kg. The ridge gourd costed Rs. 50 a kg and price of onions crossed Rs. 70; the onions were sold at Rs. 14 a fortnight ago, and touched Rs. 39 a day ago. The customers, mostly housewives, were seen hopping mad near Rythu Bazaars. “The RTC buses will not ply from tomorrow (Tuesday), and you have closed the bazaar today. How can you expect the commoner to live,” asked Sandhya, a home maker, near PWD Rythu Bazaar.

The traders said that the markets would not close down. There may a decline in arrivals, and Rythu bazaars would be open from Tuesday onwards. “There will not be any closure of market. It is only a rumour.

Pacchi vyaparam (sale of vegetables) is a 24X7 business. In my life, the market was never closed, except during curfew imposed after death of Vangaveeti Ranga,” said Satyanarayana, vendor at Kaleswara Rao market.

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