The TDP urban unit has in a letter to former Minister and Congress leader Devineni Rajasekhar urged him to use his good offices in getting the work on the rail overbridge (RoB) between Gunadala and Nunna launched.

Party urban unit president Vallabhaneni Vamsi said in the letter that there were reports in a section of the press that the former Minister was opposing the RoB.

“People have not forgotten the former Minister’s assurances on the RoB. They still remember that Mr. Rajasekhar used to argue that Gunadala and its surroundings did not develop due to problems between Gunadala and Nunna,” Mr. Vamsi said.

Mr. Rajasekhar’s associates also made wide publicity that the government sanctioned the project following his pursuance.

“I am agitated to know that you are opposing the RoB as a T-junction is constructed in front of your house. I have learnt that you are opposing the RoB as the proposed junction will obstruct the movement of your vehicles. It will hinder the development of the city,” Mr. Vamsi said in the letter.

The people wanted to know the view of the former Minister on the RoB.

“They are perplexed to know that you find it unnecessary in the wake of the Inner Ring Road and a bridge near Ramavarappadu,” Mr. Vamsi said.

Mr. Rajasekhar was said to be of the opinion that Rs. 36 crore would be wasted if the RoB was constructed.

The MLAs and other Congress leaders were strongly supporting the RoB, but Mr. Rajasekhar was opposing it for his vested interests, Mr. Vamsi alleged. The Congress leader should strive for the development of the city, he added.

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