The 119th Urs of Hazarath Kale Mastan Shavalia Baba at Mastan Dargah began on a festive note here late on Sunday night.

The dargah was decorated with festoons and huge lights. Devotees, cutting across religious lines, took part in the festivities.

The Grand Trunk road was a beehive of activity with huge pandals erected for the sake of pilgrims who throng from far and wide.

The festivities began with decorations by applying ‘Chandini' (sandal) and later special purification was done to the Baba's mausoleum.

Managing trustee of the dargah Raavi Ramamohana Rao led the huge procession by carrying a bowl of sandal.

The sandal was applied to the mausoleum of the Baba and later taken in a colourful procession led by ‘Chandal' horse.

The new ‘chaddars' were also laid on the mausoleum. On Monday, the sandal paste was distributed among the devotees and ‘deeparadhana' performed in the evening.

On Tuesday, there would be recital of Quran followed by distribution of ‘prasadam'. Feeding of fakirs would be organised on Wednesday. The Baba's throne would be put back in its place on Thursday.

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