Rice is the staple diet of people in Andhra Pradesh. The sharp rise in price of rice in the market is pinching the common man.

A sample survey conducted by Vijayawada Consumers’ Club set up by the Jana Sikshan Samsthan (JSS) brought to the fore several key aspects directly related to the welfare of the common man.

The JSS’s consumer body elicited views of 100-odd respondents drawn from various localities in the city on a questionnaire it prepared. When asked to comment on maintenance of the ‘rythu bazaars’, 88 per cent of the respondents expressed dissatisfaction over the stinky and unclean premises of the vegetable markets, even while pointing to the sub-standard quality of the vegetables sold there. Supply of contaminated drinking water by the local municipal authorities resulting in outbreak of water-borne diseases bothers 52 per cent of the respondents while 44 per cent of them are not happy with the quality of vegetables supplied by the Government under the Rs. 99 scheme. Another 44 per cent are not aware of any such scheme.

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