They robbed their friend's room using duplicate keys and they got caught. Two Town police arrested the two youths –M.Manojkumar (20) of Vijayawada and Thota Durgaprasad (20) of West Godavari – on charge of robbing their friend Athmakur Sanjeeva Kumar(21) of gold and silver. The police recovered 10.5 sovereigns of gold worth Rs 2.35 lakh and several silver articles from them.

Two Town Inspector S. Prasada Rao said the Sanjeev Kumar lived in a room on Mohuddin street and was running a grocery shop near by. The two youth befriended him and came to his room frequently. On one of their many trips to the room they noticed that Sanjeev Kumar had gold and silver in his cupboard.

The duo decided to rob Sanjeev Kumar a month ago and prepared a plan. While one of them kept him engaged in conversation the other took the house keys and made a duplicate. On the second occasion they made a duplicate of the cupboard keys.

The two friends went to Sanjeev Kumar's room while was at the shop gained entry using the duplicate keys and robbed the gold and silver. The youth then tried to sell the articles in vain in Hyderabad. On a tip off the police searched their houses and recovered the stolen articles and arrested them.

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