He was a big support to Book Festival Society, says Ashok Kumar

There is a great deal of clarity and precision in the writings of former Andhra Jyothi editor Nanduri Rama Mohan Rao, be it poems, stories, translations or non-fiction, said speakers at the memorial meeting held in the Vijayawada Book Festival.

Book Festival Society president D. Ashok Kumar said it caused him a tremendous amount of pain to preside over a meeting to commemorate Rama Mohan Rao who passed away recently. He said Rama Mohan Rao was a big support to the book festival society right from its inception over two decades ago.

Journalist Sri Ramana said he progressed quickly in his career because of Rama Mohan Rao. “He gave me an opportunity to write a column when I was very young,” he added. Mr. Ramana said Rama Mohan Rao was a prolific writer considering the fact he was an active journalist regularly churning out editorials. “I have not seen another editor who has written so much,” he said.

The subject of the books he wrote was very complicated, but Rama Mohan Rao never compromised on the meaning of even the difficult words of foreign languages. Mr Ramana said the writer took a lot of trouble to get the meaning right and also ensure that even the ordinary reader could understand it. The journalist said Rama Mohan Rao was under a great deal of stress during the Emergency when every thing was censored. Journalist and brother of Rama Mohan Rao, Nanduri Parthasarathi, said he regretted not being able to work with his brother though he also worked for a Telugu newspaper. He said his brother elder to him by 12 years was a major influence on him. Rama Mohan Rao began writing from the age of 15. Even at that age his brother wrote flawless language, Mr. Parthasarathi said. Rama Mohan Rao’s wife Rajeswari was also on the dais.

She released a collection of her husband’s works “Aksharavatra” after the commemoration meeting. Mr Parthasarathi released a second collection entitled “Chilakacheppina Rahasyalu”.

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