Unscheduled power cut is rendering the few functioning signals useless

With majority of installed traffic signal-light systems not functioning in Vijaywada city, operating Asia’s second busiest bus terminal and connected with two national highway roads, the entire traffic is being regulated manually by the police for the past six-months.

The worst scenario of traffic woes in the city can be seen at school, hospital and temple zones and the arterial city roads – Bandar and Eluru roads.

Adding to the woes of the city traffic cops who manually had to regulate the increasing city traffic on the roads, unscheduled power cut is rendering the few functioning signals useless.

Assistant Commissioner of Police, Traffic, K. Mohan revealed a long list of traffic junctions that were tough to monitor where signal light systems were not functioning for the last six months and required to be repaired.

The junctions include – Benz circle through which the Andhra-Karnataka national highway passes, Pandit Nehru Bus Station, NTR Road, Bandar road and a dozen others. “We are currently regulating the traffic with what traffic regulation technology provided by the municipal authorities.

The present best option that is left for us is to deploy our men to regulate the traffic.

Majority of the signal systems need replacement, ’said Mr. Mohan. Nalla Rambabu who moved from Visakhapatnam to settled down in Vijayawada said that “The few signal lights that were functioning were useless during the power cut. Poor traffic sense among the public is also posing a challenge to take a drive.”

New technology

Vijayawada Municipal Corporation (VMC) Commissioner G.S. Panda Das told The Hindu that “Prakash Arts was given the pilot project of installing technology-sound traffic regulation equipment on the BRTS road. The system that includes surveillance cameras is scheduled to be complete by July-end,”.

He added that “It would take at least a year to install the same equipment across the city.”

There was no plan in hand for VMC to repair the spoilt traffic signal systems or replace them with new equipment, he said.

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