If immediate treatment is given, many eye ailments will be cured in lesser time and with long-term results. Those suffering from diabetes should take special care in this respect and get timely treatment without fail, said noted ophthalmic surgeon Dr. Muppa Madan Mohan Rao.

Dr. Rao advises patients not to neglect minor complaints about their eyes as such a step would cost them dearly in the long term. Latest equipment and advanced modes of treatment have made it possible to carry out surgeries and cataract operations with little strain for the patients, who can go back home without having to spend much time at the hospital.

To make quality treatment available to local people, Dr. Mohan Rao acquired an operating optical microscope which has been brought from Chennai recently. With this, micro surgeries could be performed with great precision and best results.

Speaking toThe Hindu, Dr. Rao said that there is an immediate need to extend the benefit of such latest surgical procedures to meet the emerging needs of people. With an optical microscope, magnification typically meets the requirements of micro surgeries and components used will be effective in sterilizing or disinfecting, to ensure cross infection control.

Dr. Rao's hospital, named Vaishnavi Eye Hospital, was inaugurated in the presence of dignitaries including former MP Gadde Rammohan at Pinnamaneni Poly Clinic Road.

With more than 10 years experience at Coimbatore and several other places, Dr. Mohan Rao worked at some of the prestigious institutions. His objective in launching operations in the city was to ensure availability of quality eye care to more sections of people in view of the increased demand and also enhanced awareness among the people.

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