A three-pronged strategy was being promoted for achieving Samaikyandhra by the Visalandhra Mahasabha, said N. Chakravarthi, president of the organisation, here on Wednesday.

Addressing leaders of different political parties and organisations taking an active part in the Samaikyandhra movement at meeting held on the ‘Dilli Muttadi’ programme, Mr. Chakravarthi said there was a need to fight a legal battle.

Both the Telugu Desam and YSR Congress had hired some of the best constitutional lawyers to look for legal ways of stopping bifurcation by submitting petitions in the Supreme Court.

Ways of preventing the Telangana Bill from being introduced in Parliament were also being explored. If the Bill was not introduced in the winter session, then it would take a long time because Parliament would be dissolved and elections conducted.

Taking the voice of people to the Central government was the third aspect, and the ‘Dilli Muttadi’ was being done as part of this endeavour, Mr. Chakarvarthi said.

Visalandhra Mahasabha secretary P. Ravi Teja said as part of ‘Dilli Muttadi’, Samaikyandhra activists would go to New Delhi from Hyderabad and other places by buses on November 6. The participants who reach New Delhi would go to Janthar Manthar and squat their indefinitely.

On the way to Delhi, meetings would also be held at Nagpur on November 7 and at Bhopal on November 8.

Former national president of Samata Party V.V. Krishna Rao, former UDA chairman T. Premnath, leaders of various organisations and associations such as Vellanki Sridevi, M. Narayana Prasad, Matta Jayakarbabu, Naraharisetti Narasimha Rao, Adapa Siva Nagendra Rao, Naraharisetti Srihari, Ummadi Dhanaraj, and Kiranmayi spoke.

Many of them said history was being distorted by a few persons to divide the Telugus to meet their selfish ends. This should not be tolerated by people of the State, they said.

Congress leaders such as Narasimha Rao said party leaders at the Centre took a decision to divide the State, but the party leaders here were opposing it.

This was possible because of the democratic nature of the Congress. The party leaders had come out onto the streets to fight along with the people, he said.


GoM report on Telangana before winter sessionOctober 25, 2013

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