Train them at a very young age and they will become experts by the time they grow. A number of children have enrolled for the summer robotics camp. The reason for the increase in the interest of elementary school children in robotics is Rajinikanth’s hit film ‘Robo’.

The film apparently fired the imaginations of several children who want to become robotic engineers like their matinee idol.

City-based Robo Club is conducting summer camps in Hyderabad, Visakhapatnam and Guntur this year. The name Robo Club too may have been inspired from the film. At the end of the summer camp it selects children for training to take part in Robotic Olympiads.

Robotics seems to have caught on in the last year couple of years. Several educational institutions have introduced Robotics as co-curricular activity. One Vijayawada-based chain of schools is even setting up Robotic Labs along side computer labs.

Robo Club marketing head Sree Nivas talking to The Hindu said that students trained by Robo Club won the National Championship at the Indian Robotics Olympiad – 2012. The World Robotic Olympiad (WRO) was held in Malaysia last year. The next World Olympiad would be held in Indonesia from November 15 to 17 and the South India Regional Round of the Olympiad would begin on July 20. The regional Olympiad would be held for the first time in Hyderabad this year. It was being held either in Bangalore or Chennai till now, Mr. Sree Nivas said. Interesting names from the heritage of Indonesia have been given to the different levels. The elementary level has been named after, “Batik”, the art form, as the title. The Junior High Level has been named after, “Borobudur”, the famous Buddhist Shrine and the Senior High Level has been named after “Komodo Island”, home of the Komodo Dragon. The challenge before the participants is the WRO website, he said. The winner of the national Olympiad gets a cash prize of Rs.5 lakh and the winner of the WRO gets a scholarship from NASA and other such sponsors to complete their training in robotics. At Robo Club summer camp robot building is done using the STEM (Science, Technology, Engineer and Math) system of the Carnegie Mellon University, Mr. Sree Nivas said. They can be contacted over Phone No.9394959611.

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