Even as they greeted one another with smiles, their mind’s eye constantly worked on the possible images that would form the crux of their paintings.

Minutes before the commencement of the contest, the participants organised their paraphernalia to avoid any last-minute confusion. Sitting apart not to restrict their hand movement, they were all set to soak in the splash of colours that was to envelop the vicinity.

The Hindu Young World Painting Competition 2009 drew participation of 300-odd schoolchildren. who trooped into the campus of NSM Public School on Sunday, with their parents in tow, to bare their creative streak.

Equipped with crayons, water colours, oil pastels and water colour tubes, they chose different paint brushes like a liner brush, a round brush or even a flat brush for a variation to their work.

The children eagerly looked for an unusual angle, as the idea was to include an element of surprise in the painting. Divided into two groups of ‘juniors’ and ‘seniors’, the younger lot were asked to paint either a view of ‘New Year Celebrations’ or ‘Taking Care of Elders’. A choice between topical subjects like ‘Helping flood victims’ or ‘Fighting Epidemic’ made the task of the seniors easy.

Sparkling effect

A few minutes of thinking preceded the process of creating captivating images on the drawing sheets. Some of them changed colour every inch to leave a sparkling effect. Soon the plain sheets began to speak as the young ones incorporated symbolism, told a story, created a mood and illustrated a cause.

Deft strokes generated innovative views that reflected in the end product.

“I design the work in mind before drawing it and plan a colour scheme. It saves a lot of time and puts things in order,” said Y. Shruthi, an eighth class girl.

Taking her images all the way to the edge of the sheet, she gave a quick re-look before moving on to the other end.

Happy with the ultimate shape of their paintings, they lent them a swift final touch before leaving the place. Besides prizes, certificates and goodies like Cheetos and Lotte Caramilk chocolates to munch, the children carried home an enriching experience.

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