Scorching summer months can be extremely cruel. In a blazing city like Vijayawada, the heat effect is more pronounced and it reflects in almost every nook and cranny and in every living being.

The thirst one feels in this season is almost unquenchable as the more fluids you guzzle down your throat, the more you feel dried out . Water is one of the basic needs of all living beings and thirst is the natural mechanism through which the organism comes to know that it needs water.

Be it human beings -- the people in general walking on the roads, the birds or the animals, all of us are very acquainted with the feeling of thirst and the immense relief when cool refreshing drops of water pass through the parched throat.

The dryness in the throat and the mouth is commonplace and the craving to drink something is all too familiar a feeling. Come summer and roadside water kiosks, mineral water plants and soft drink vendors do a brisk business that gets them decent profit margin. The broad grins these small-time traders flash say it all -- “If summer comes can money be far behind?”

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