Old buildings are giving way to swanky complexes and the anticipation of denizens to be part of the spree of development post-bifurcation is quite evident. Some dilapidated structure or the other is either brought down or modified, and owners are keen on transforming them to meet the tastes of the modern era. Recently, a building on the Karl Marx Road suddenly transformed into in state-of-art coffee shop. It is now wearing a sleek black and red look with ultra modern interiors. Hope is writ large on the face of the owner that the division will certainly bring a whale of good time for Vijayawada and its citizens.

Smile Please!

What could be the best reason to smile? Everyone has his or her own pretext to do that. Laughing Clubs and Walkers Clubs have jointly organised the World Laughter Day recently and jokes on wife-husband relationship, the favourite topic of the men topped the charts. Eminent personalities performed skits, songs and of all those, jokes on wife and husband bonding received a loud round of applause from all. Bonhomie pervaded notwithstanding that women members indulged in a murmur for mocking at them.

Capital talk and advisors

Now that the bifurcation has become a reality, the field is now open for different sections to float theories of their own. Top on the list is issue of formation of new capital. With the visit of the Sivaramakrishnan Committee, the rumour mill has started working overtime. There is already a talk that Vijayawada-Guntur area has been identified as the capital and by making a recommendation to that effect, the CII has lent credence to the idea of having capital around the city. Though it is too early, the CII has sent the ball the rolling. Till the decision is arrived, everyone in the crowd will play the role of an advisor.

Delicacy, thy name is politics

Candidates of various political parties organised feasts with non-vegetarian delicacies to woo voters before the D-day (i.e.) May 7. The feasts were organised with the help of the locals, saw ‘chicken pulav,’ ‘chepa pulusu,’ ‘kodi iguru,’ and other mouth-watering dishes being served plenty.

The ‘good qualities’ of the sponsoring candidate made rounds in the dinner and the effort was to win the hearts of all-important voters. After serving steamy biryani, some contestants even offered gifts to the voters.

The ever-changing technology

Videographers running with big cameras to capture the ‘best moments’ at a marriage or any other function was a common site before. Now, copter-mounted cameras are used to cover mega events. Right from political campaigns to birthday parties , these gadgets have become a part and parcel. The other day, a programme was organised to celebrate the birth anniversary of an entrepreneur and philanthropist. As soon as the quad-copter camera took a flight in the air, most in the audience turned their eyes towards it. So much so, a dignitary on the stage interrupted his speech and resumed only after the gadget disappeared behind the trees at the venue.

J.R. Shridharan; G.V.R. Subba Rao; V. Raghavendra; Rajulapudi Srinivas; S. Sandeep Kumar; (vijayawada@thehindu.co.in)

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