The city was soaked in divine bliss as the presiding deities of Sri Durga Malleswara Swamyvarla Devasthanam shrine were taken on a ‘Hamsa Vahanam’ as part of the Teppotsavam here on Sunday.

A sea of humanity witnessed a colourful Teppotsavam, the celestial boat ride, of the goddess Kanaka Durga and her consort Malleswara Swamy near Indrakeeladri on Vijaya Dasami. The people congregated at Durga ghat and on Prakasam barrage to witness the procession of priests carrying the decorated ‘utsava vigrahalu’ (processional deities) for the Teppotsavam.

Amidst recitation of Vedic hymns by temple priests, the One Town police, in tune with the age-old tradition, brought the processional deities to the river bank. The deities were brought in a palanquin from the hillock to the Durga ghat.

As sunset reflected in the placid waters of the Krishna, the specially decorated and illuminated ‘Hamsa Vaahanam’, a swan shape boat, carrying the processional deities moved majestically from Durga ghat for the colourful ‘Teppotsavam.’ The environs reverberated with the chanting of ‘Bhavani Mata Ki Jai’, while the processional deities being ceremoniously placed in a specially decorated ‘Hamsa Vahanam’. When the commentators recounted the references made to ‘Teppotsavam’ in different epics, and even as the people were beholding the boat ride with admiration, the special boat reached the ghat after completing three rounds in the river. Pilgrims jostled for a glimpse of the ‘Hamsa Vahanam’ which was decorated colourfully with followers and lights.

What followed was a razzmatazz of colour and pageantry of fire crackers. As the sky turned darker, firecrackers exploded on the Sitanagaram side of the river. The firecracker show continued for about half-an-hour and its reflections in the Krishna presented a splendid view. The dark cloudy evening turned bright and colourful following the two-hour fireworks on the riverbed near Sitanagaram on Guntur district side. Braving high humidity, hundreds of people gathered at the ghat and on the barrage to have a glimpse of the spectacular event.

The police brought back the idol to ‘Jammi Doddi' with reverence, where they performed the ritual ‘Sammi Pooja' amid much fanfare.

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