All most all main roads and streets are seen deserted from 11 a.m. in Vijayawada and neighbouring towns

With day's temperature crossing 42 degrees Centigrade for the last two days in Vijayawada, Machilipatnam and other towns in Krishna and Guntur districts, people were seen remaining indoors in all areas. Rentachintala in Guntur district recorded 48.6 Degree C.

Heat wave that began at 9 a.m. continued till midnight on Thursday and Friday. Rainfall or drizzling twice or thrice in the last few days did not provide any real relief to the people from heat.

In several residential colonies, people sprinkled water around the houses to beat the heat.

Roads deserted

Almost all the main roads and streets were seen deserted from 11 a.m. on Friday in Vijayawada and the neighbouring towns as the mercury was soaring. The worst sufferers were the I-CET candidates.

Public were seen searching for tree shades, bus shelters and tents on the roads to protect themselves from the scorching sun.People staying on hillocks and on elevated areas are facing worst heat due to increase in the temperature.

Residents preferred to sit indoors using air-conditioners and coolers, but unscheduled power cuts throughout the day on Friday bothered them. There was heavy demand for the tender coconut water, watermelon and fruit juices from those who travelled on roads. The Women Development and Child Welfare Department officials are taking extra care at ‘Sishu Gruhas' to maintain cool atmosphere for the infants and children staying in the homes in the district, in view of the sudden rise in temperature.

“We have two ‘Sishu Gruhas' at Buddavaram and Machilipatnam in Krishna district and infants right from day old babies are there in the homes. The staff is instructed to arrange coolers and maintain wet gunny bags and nets to prevent sunstroke for the inmates”, said Women Development and Child Welfare Department Project Director V. Swaroopa Rani.

In Machilipatnam, people suffered as there are no shelters or trees on the road sides to protect themselves from the sun at Koneru Centre, Revathi and Rajavari Centres in the town. The APSRTC Bus Station Complex was packed with passengers and public were seen waiting in groups in front of the shops at the junctions.

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