A few Telangana Indian Medical Association (IMA) members have gone to court taking objection to the letters, “A.P.,” in the invitation to the last joint annual conference of the erstwhile State body.

Not only are these members trying to get the court to stay the annual conference, they are also trying to organise members from Telangana State to stay away.

The state body of the IMA is conducting its two-day state conference in the city on July 12 and 13. There is a continuing medical education (CME) component in the annual conference and the delegates are given four-hour credits for attending the CME. Elaborate preparations and arrangements are being made for the conference. There were 164 branches and 20,000 members in the IMA of the undivided state. Elections to the state body are held one year in advance.

Though the state of Andhra Pradesh has been bifurcated, the IMA state body has not undergone any division. According to the bylaws of the association the IMA state council has to make a resolution asking for a bifurcation and send the same to the national council of the IMA. The national council will then create a new association and transfer members of the new state to it.

IMA state president-elect K.Venkateswarlu, who was elected a year ago at the 2013-14 annual conference held in Tirupati told The Hindu that some disgruntled members “who were continuously creating obstacles” had gone to court taking objection to the letters “A.P.” in invitation for the state conference and on the website.

“We have been making arrangements for the pass three months and now suddenly these members are trying to create obstacles. Nobody is going to boycott the conference. We will conduct the conference without fail,” he said.

A lot of effort has gone into conducting the CME programmes they will be held come what may, IMA members said.

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