Final year students of Dhanekula Institute of Engineering and Technology under the guidance of Professor T.V. Rao from Department of ECE organised a camp on machines functioning

For Anjusha, Ramya, Naga Chaturya and hundred other visually-challenged children of Vijaya Mary Integrated School for the Blind, it was a day of unique experience.

They had a feel of the machines such as gear box, motor engine and windmill that they have been studying.

The final year students of Dhanekula Institute of Engineering and Technology along with the members of US-based Global Business Incubation (GBI) organised a camp called ‘Technology Veda’, wherein models of different basic machines were showcased and their functioning was explained by the students.

Ramya studying in Std. IV said that she was excited to feel the working of the day and night sensor and the feel the contours of a gearwheel and piston of an engine. “We can’t see but we have learnt about their use and functioning and today we had feel of it, thanks to our friends from Dhanekula College,” she said. Ramya dreams to become a doctor and she is confident that by the time she grows up the Government will find a way to allow the challenged children to take up science courses.

The five-member team from the college comprising Md. Basheer (ECE), Abdul Rahman (Mech), D. Siva (Mech), A. Sindhu (CSE) and Md. Basheer (CSE) under the guidance of Professor T.V. Rao from the Department of ECE, created miniature models and had a field day explaining the visually-challenged.

We have participated in many technical festivals, but this was something different. The kids have a very sharp mind and their grasping power is twice the normal kid and we have decided to come at least once a week to engage with them, said an emotionally charged-up Sindhu.

K. Naga Chaturya went to the extent of not only documenting every bit of the workshop, but punch a vote of thanks for the student friends from the engineering college and a press note for the media persons. Prof. T.V. Rao said that the college will take up more such activities. GBI member Siddharth said that the programme was the brainchild of the GBI founder Gogineni Srinivas.

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