If the leaders of all political parties really want to take up the cause of Samaikyandhra they should fight from the heart and not resort to drama just to appease the people, said Andhra Pradesh Official Language Commission Chairman Mandali Buddha Prasad.

He was addressing the ‘meet the press’ programme organised by the Vijayawada Press Club here on Friday. He further went on to add that the agitation was reaching a definite shape and people were coming forward to join the movement and at this moment the leaders should not play with the sentiments of the public. They should be clear in their views and take up the agitation seriously.

On problems related to official language, he said, “In the event of bifurcation of the State it will be a major problem.

In the case of states having Hindi as a common language, the expenditure related to official language communication is borne by the Central government. In our case, who will bear the expenditure? This will turn out to be an issue for debate.”

Retorting to Telangana leaders’ claim on under development of the region, the Official Language Commission Chairman called it ‘all humbug’.

The Congress Working Committee had grossly ignored the Srikrishna Committee report. The report clearly indicated that there were many more underdeveloped regions in coastal and Rayalseeema districts, he pointed out.

Agreeing to the fact that the earlier governments and political leaders focussed only on Hyderabad-centric development, he was not very convincing in explaining why it happened so.

Going back into the history, Mr. Buddha Prasad reminisced how Kirshna district was the hub during the Jai Andhra Movement.

“My father Mandali Venkata Krishna Rao and Bhattam Srirama Murthy were among the handful who then raised their voice against both the separatist movements of Jai Telangana and Jai Andhra and for that reason he was shunned by his own people. Hence, I belong to a family of integrationists and will always vouch for Samaikyandhra,” he said.

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