‘It is a creation of political parties which are more interested in votes and seats than progress of people’

The Telugus have to be more careful when it comes to electing their governments.

The Telugu people are suffering today because of the insane, conspiratorial and regional politics of the different political parties that ruled the State, Lok Satta president Jayaprakash Narayan said.

Addressing a press conference here on Tuesday, Mr. Narayan said that the days, when people voted “blindly” for a political party, were gone. The Telangana issue was a creation of political parties that were more interested in “votes and seats” than progress of people. This was a big lesson for people of the State.

He said that the Union Government was behaving as if Andhra Pradesh was one of its many fiefdoms with which it could do anything. If attempts were made to force a decision taken by “Delhi” on people, the Telugus should reject it. It was not too late for people of all the three regions to come to a consensus on the issue, he opined. The decision on the division of the state should be from the Telugus, the largest linguist group after Hindi.

About the second Krishna Water Disputes Tribunal Award, Mr. Narayan said that gross injustice had been done to the people of the State because they were a divided lot unlike the people of the other two states. He said that the method used by the tribunal for the calculation of quantum of dependable waters was flawed and should be contested.

The allocation of surplus waters to upstream states also defeated the very purpose of allotment.

He said that a permanent solution to the river water problem was “immediate” linking of water-surplus Godavari to the water-deficit Krishna.

Krishna district president Chennupati Vazir and Vijayawada president B. Ashok were present.

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