‘Reason for the traditional vote-banks staying away from us should be probed’

Congress party will be resorting to the worst form of deception if it does not go for introspection to bring to light the real reasons for the embarrassing defeat, said senior Congress leaders and former Ministers Mandali Buddha Prasad and Devineni Rajasekhar.

Addressing a press conference here on Monday the leaders said that they were hurt by the attempts of several party leaders to justify the defeat with “sympathy factor”.

Mr. Buddha Prasad said that the reasons for the traditional vote-banks of the Congress staying far away from the party should be brought to light and corrective measures taken. The party should realise that the primary reason for the debacle was its isolation from people, he said.

As long as Congress failed to keep in touch with the poor this would be the outcome. There had been no party programmes for the past two years. Even the District Congress meetings had not been conducted. “We don’t even know who is in the Congress and who has left,” Mr. Buddha Prasad said.

The Congress was filled with two types of people, one type was only interested in getting posts and the other type was only interested in pushing out those who were in posts. For the general public the affairs of the Congress party look as though the group of people in power were constantly fighting against those who were trying to throw them out of their positions.

Vexed with this, people had made their choice, he said. The mayhem in the party began with the December 9 announcement on Telangana.

‘Till today the people are not clear about Congress party’s stand on the matter,’ they said. It was time the leaders took full responsibility for their actions and told people that they were ready to serve them, Mr Buddha Prasad and Mr Rajasekhar said. Mr Rajasekhar said party workers’ meetings should be held in all the constituencies where it had lost to find out what had gone wrong.

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