‘Appropriate atmospheric air composition is vital to sustain human life’

"Appropriate atmospheric air composition is vital to sustain human life as a one percent increase or one percent decrease in oxygen or carbon dioxide will prove disastrous," said S Krishnan, founder member, Asia-Pacific Forum on Science Popularisation and Member, Commission on Ecosystems Management.

He was delivering the keynote address at the inaugural ceremony of a two-day national conference on Physics and Chemistry of Solids here on Friday.

The UGC-CSIR supported conference is being organised by the Department of Physics of S R & B G N R Government Arts and Science College here.

"Atmospheric gases and hydrosphere decide our fate. Summers have become longer and harsher, while winters have become shorter," he said pointing out that crop patterns and food habits have undergone drastic changes. "The day has arrived to talk about virtual water," he remarked suggesting that conservation of natural resources, water management, carbon load removal had become imperative for sustaining life on earth.

In his inaugural address, G S Mukherjee, Director, Defence Research & Development Organisation, New Delhi, underlined the need for tapping solar energy at an optimal scale to address the growing energy needs as well as environmental concerns. Grid connected solar energy is a potential source of meeting the energy needs in a cost effective, environmental friendly and viable manner, he remarked highlighting the efficacy of solar energy to supply electricity in different and diverse locations. Principal S Madhava Rao presided over the inaugural function. Subject experts delivered lectures on topics such as “Geophysics-Application of some simple physical properties for exploring the Earth,” and “Electrical studies on glassy materials for solid state battery applications.” in the post-lunch session.

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