Students attend sessions to gain knowledge in computers, 3D design and basic photography. The organisers design courses that generate interest among students.

The corridors of most schools in the city have fallen silent, as students are away on summer vacation. However, a few institutes that are organising summer camps are abuzz with activities.

The wait between the annual examination and declaration of results comes handy for most students who attend these camps in brief spells to gain knowledge in computers, 3D design, creative skills like drawing and painting, clay sculpting and basic photography. There are others who opt for martial arts and chess, besides indoor games. Keeping children occupied during summer holidays is a task for most parents. They want their wards to make the best use of the vacation even while having fun and frolic. This is where summer camps come into play. “These camps help children to get familiar with the latest gadgets and blend arts and sciences in a delightful way,” says K. Srinivasa Murthy, a parent.

The organisers design courses that generate interest among students. “A fortnight-long course on 3D design focuses on the basics – object-making in 3D like a computer, a scooter, a cartoon character or a birthday cake. The advanced-level course includes assignments such as creating one’s own face or a house in 3D format, says P. Mahesh Kumar, director, Element School of Visual Arts.

Students can learn the technique of making clay models of flowers, caterpillars and butterflies if they choose creative clay-sculpting course. After graduating to mid-level sculpting, they can make household utilities such as designer pen stands, funny paper weights and designer flower vases using clay.

“In the next stage, the expert-level, they can master the art of sculpting human anatomy and detailed cartoon figures, which can be showcased at home,” says Mr. Kumar. At the end of each course, the participants are issued a summer camp diploma certificate.

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