Leadership does not mean becoming a political leader or being in the lead in every aspect of life, but to perform to the best of one's ability and making most of the opportunity in a chosen field or aspect of individual interest, speakers said at a Leadership Training programme.

At the inaugural of a two-day leadership training programme being facilitated by M.R. Pai Foundation through skilled trainers from the Forum of Free Enterprise, Mumbai at Maris Stella College here on Friday, the speakers said that obtaining comprehensive knowledge about something that they were interested in and able to work in a team taking along all around them makes them leaders.

Students of the Department of Economics P.G. Course listened with rapt attention the words of wisdom delivered by the two renowned resource persons – Vivek Gangadhar Patki and Vidyanand Joshi, who dwelt at length on Effective Communication and Self-Esteem in two different sessions.

The interactive sessions were more playful than lecturing and listening process with students evincing interest in finding out their own self in the self-esteem session and trying to be positive by pointing out some of the best qualities in their friends and jotting them down to preserve in thoughts. Coming out of the situation where someone is mentally disturbed or coming to stage, where taking some extreme step were very easy opined Mr. Joshi, trains a number of corporate executives.

Fruit Salad – not literally, but a game to improve the communication among the classmates, who otherwise remain dormant and silent with a feeling of no urge for any kind of interaction turned out be the right beginning for the girls. Going on with the effective communications session, Mr. Patki briefed on maintaining proper body language for public speaking and initiated them into such speaking asking them to talk about themselves first, their hobbies and about a song clipping they had heard, which removed all inhibitions among them turning them bolder in matter of few minutes.

The Department Head S. Subbalakshmi explained the purpose of the Leadership Training and the Vice-Principal Lorry Jacob welcomed the guests and thanked them for training their students. The special guest of the day was Gita R. Pai, wife of renowned activist and journalist M.R. Pai. She sat through the session and encouraged students. Others present included Josephine Sandhya Rani of Maris Stella and Swati Kapadia of the FFE.

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