The financial planning, goal-setting, effects of inflation, savings and other such topics need to be learnt early and college students need to grasp such basic concepts. These concepts should be communicated to young persons effectively to convert them into early investors so that their contribution for a lifetime will have positive impact for the country's economy as a whole.

The representatives of the Securities and Exchange Board of India spoke on various issues and aspects relating to the financial markets and investing at a programme held at the SRK Institute of Engineering and Technology, Enikepadu, on Thursday. This was conducted as part of the initiative taken up by the SEBI for spreading the message of “Lesson on financial planning for young investors”.

The issues dealt with as part of this drive included “how to prepare and meet personal budget?” and “Whether to set goals in terms of specific emphasis or not?”

The experts also dealt with the aspect of risk-return where an individual's level of risk tolerance is assessed.

R. Satyanarayana, resource person from the SEBI and the National Institute of Securities Markets, threw light on making the smart goals from the market perspective.

He said one should make objectives which should be specific, measurable, attainable, realistic and time-bound. Do not simply say one needs money to pay college fees but the specific amount of money needed should be mentioned, which the correct approach from the financial point of view.

Mr. Satyanarayana said that the young people should learn to measure their goals and attain them with a focused attention.

It is an incorrect approach to say that “I will pay off my debts” but the correct wording should be “I will return Rs. 3,000 to my friend next month”.

SRK Foundation director P.V. Narasaiah, who launched the workshop, said the role of young investors was crucial in the development of the country's economy and this kind of educative workshops would help create right kind of zeal among the youngsters. HoD N. Subrahmanyam and others were present.

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