A two-day workshop on cyber security, malware analysis held

Students listened in rapt attention as tips on cyber security and malware analysis were doled out.

The Computer Science Department of Andhra Loyola College (ALC), in association with andhrahackers.com, organised a two-day workshop on cyber security at the college seminar hall on Wednesday. Sai Sateesh, administrator, andhrahackers.com said email IDs getting hacked was a commonplace. “But there are ways to prevent such hackings. This two-day training session is aimed at training you to protect your IDs from getting hacked and from viruses too,” he said.

Speaking elaborately on how a virus or an anti-virus works, what are the new upcoming trends in cyber security, Mr. Sateesh spoke about the techniques used to hack an e-mail ID. Key-loggers, mobile hacking, Trojans, sniffers, social engineering and cookies are some of the techniques and tools of hacking, he said touching upon factors like registry editor and group policy editor tools to remove problems generated by viruses. Referring to the Sysinternals suite of tools which deal with malware, Mr. Sateesh went on to explain how viruses work internally.

The Power Point presentation was followed by an interactive session where students tossed queries on how to remove virus from a pen drive, how to retrieve deleted data, what type of programming languages one must know to become an ethical hacker and what are the career opportunities in the hacking and security field. Students from Kakaraparti Bhavanarayana College, SRR Government College and Andhra Loyola College attended the session. On Thursday, Mr. Sateesh will throw light on website hacking and ways to prevent it.