Students have been asked to synchronise their thoughts with their actions and be in the present moment to manage their mind. Chinmaya Yuva Kendra North India director and Chinmaya Mission Acharya Swami Chidrupananda delivering a lecture on “mind management” said students were ‘investing' only two per cent of their mind power for building a career or future.

He said management studies showed that students were wasting 40 per cent of their mind power in fretting over the past and another 40 per cent in fanaticising over their future. In the remaining 20 per cent of the mind power, nine per cent was getting dissipated due to unnecessary stress and another nine per cent in purposeless activity. The residual two per cent was what an average student was investing in his future, the Swamiji said.

He said filling the present moment with constructive activity the students could increase the percentage of mind power being invested in their studies.

Explaining the concept of concave mind and convex mind, the swamiji urged the students to inculcate a convex mind which helped in focusing will power to be constructive. He said a concave mind made students to dissipate their will power and paralysing them from acting.

In a tip the Swamiji told the students not to identify with the mind.

“Don't tell yourself that you cannot concentrate. Tell yourself that it is your mind which is not able to concentrate. The problem of not being able to concentrate can be resolved by telling the mind to concentrate. There should be a dialogue between you and your mind,” the Swamiji opined.