The Hindu holds special programme for policemen to mark World Bone and Joint Day

Exercises that stretch and strengthen muscles, fat-free food and stress-free life are the key to healthy bones and joints, said knee and joint replacement surgeon and MJ Naidu Super Speciality Hospital Managing director M.J.Naidu.

Dr Naidu addressed personnel of the police department at a special programme conducted on the occasion of the World Bone and Joint Day at The Hindu office in Jawahar Autonagar here on Tuesday.

Dr Naidu said unhealthy bones and joints caused people to become immobile and often completely bed-ridden.

He suggested that the best exercise for the law enforcers was the “suryanamaskaras” (a set of stretching exercises in yoga). While the routine exercises of the policemen make the joints stiff, the suryanamaskaras stretch the joints and make them flexible.

Dr Naidu said people get pain in the back and the neck because of bad posture. Explaining with a slide Dr Naidu said there was 25 per cent pressure on the back when the person was in the sleeping posture.

The pressure increased to 100 per cent in the sitting posture and 200 per cent while in the standing posture.

The pressure reduced to 150 per cent if a person bends the back with the knees bent. The pressure on the spine was the highest (250 per cent) if a person tried to bend while sitting on a chair.

Injury to the back could be avoided by taking precautionary steps while bending. Dr Naidu said proper warming up reduced damage to the muscles and tendons.

Giving tips on how to deal with injuries caused in road accidents, he said, ice cubes and ice packs were better at preventing swelling. Hot water fomentation and rubbing of ointments cause the swelling to grow, he said.

He said people who were physically fit had healthier bones and joints when compared to those who were unfit and overweight.

Additional Deputy Commissioner of Police (Traffic) A.V. Ramana lauded The Hindu for conducting programmes for the good of society without any ulterior motives unlike several other organisations.

Mr Ramana said traffic police were the first to attend to persons who were involved in accidents.

They were responsible for sending the injured persons to the hospital, he said. Mr Ramana said that Dr Naidu was known for his service motto and the police department was glad to associate with the like of him.

The Additional DCP launched the ‘Dr M.J.Naidu’s Arogya Raksha’ insurance scheme for the benefit of the police personnel on the occasion.

Over 200 police personnel were screened in a free health check up camp conducted by the MJ Naidu Superspeciality Hospital after the bone and joint day programme.

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