Proper traps need to be installed at the entrance to keep them at bay

Stray cattle and pigs pose the biggest challenge for vegetable vendors at Sri Kathari Subbaiah Municipal Market here.

The vendors are at a loss how to prevent the animals from attacking the shops in the market.

Proper cattle traps have not been installed at the entrance and the entire market area needs to be properly fenced to ward off the animals.

Cattle can be seen in the market and at the open place adjacent to it. The animals squat in the middle of the market and on the roads, much to the inconvenience of the customers.

The animals often drag the market waste onto the already littered street. Animal faeces is also a major problem in the market area.

“Looking for food, they rummage through the bins and, in the process, strew garbage all around,” says B. Samba Murthy, a vendor.

Official apathy

The vendors blame the municipal authorities for their apathy towards the problem. The municipal authorities have hardly done anything to prevent the entry of pigs and cattle, they say.

Numerous complaints have been lodged in vain with the municipality, they allege.

Shops selling vegetables and leafy vegetables are the first target, says T. Sitamma, another vendor.

“Forget about provision of new facilities, the authorities are not doing enough to maintain the existing facilities,” she says.

“The municipality collects ‘aseelu' regularly from the vendors. A staggering Rs. 20 lakh is collected annually. Where is all this going?” asks Chinna, another vendor.

“After the advent of rythu bazaars, traditional market places have lost their patronage. Now, there are more cattle than customers in the market,” he adds.

“I was involved in two minor accidents when oxen rushed suddenly towards a shop.

“Steep fines should be imposed on cattle owners,” says Sudha, a homemaker.

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