Folk artistes perform the most popular form of narrative entertainment in a theatrical form

The alarming rise in the number of road accidents has prompted the authorities concerned and the various organisations involved in spreading awareness on road safety rules to adopt every possible way to drive home their point.

Folk artistes like Burra Katha performers were in their element at the Krishna District Lorry Owners Association (KDLOA) hall on Tuesday. They performed the most popular form of narrative entertainment in a theatrical form as part of the ongoing Road Safety Week. The story teller, accompanied by his partners, sang, danced and recited horrific tales of road rage resulting in fatal deaths while a good number of professional drivers attending the programme, listened in rapt attention.

Playing the ‘Tambura’, a stringed instrument worn across the right shoulder with his right hand, as he danced rhythmically forward and backward on the stage, he listed out the several ‘dos’ and ‘don’ts which must be cautiously followed to bring down the number of road accidents.

Deputy Transport Commissioner A. Mohan released a brochure brought out by the association members.

The KDLOA members, using brochures, pamphlets and other means of communication, urge road-users to wait for the right signal by the person going ahead in the event of overtaking him/her.

Besides maintaining adequate distance between moving vehicles, they also want people to follow the lane system properly.

Desisting from consumption of alcohol while driving, use of air horn in the city limits and roadside parking of vehicles would go a long way in addressing the menace, the brochure said.

“Don’t overtake a vehicle when you are negotiating a curve,” it said directing vehicle users to observe extra caution while crossing railway lines.

The association plans to distribute pamphlets, organise Burra Katha shows and street plays at different places across the city during the week-long campaign.

Additional DCP (Traffic) Venkata Ramana, the Association president K. Venkata Ramesh, general secretary N. Raja and others were present.

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