The police will have to make the request for special court through DGP to the Governor

The sensational rape and murder of the 41-year-old housewife in Patamata has sent the police scurrying for defence following allegations of not promptly acting on the complaint of kidnap that was lodged by the victim’s husband.

Having so far arrested five of the six accused, the police are now under pressure to facilitate the constitution of a special court, which is expected to take not less than a month as there is a procedures galore which are to be complied with.

The woman’s family has demanded a special court for getting justice done and even the Governor has asked the police to institute one, but a lot depends on how much time they will take to complete the investigation, file the charge-sheet and produce the accused in court.

Then comes into picture the discretion of Mahila Sessions Court (Vijayawada) judge to whom the case will be referred. And if the judge considers it appropriate to have the case disposed off in shortest period in view of gravity of offence, a recommendation for setting up special court under Criminal Procedure Code may be made.

The police will have to make the request for special court through Director General of Police to the Governor of Andhra Pradesh, who can constitute the special court with due concurrence of the High Court.

Out of 21 courts in Vijayawada city, there are five additional district judge courts (VII, VIII, XII, XIII and XIV) which have relatively less pending case load and hence the above rape case could be quickly taken up by one of those courts whereas the Mahila court has 400-plus cases to be disposed off, said a government prosecuting officer.

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