As the number of connections is fixed, low voltage and power theft can be addressed

The AP Southern Power Distribution Company Limited (SPDCL) is implementing a pilot project in Nuzvid area to check unauthorised consumption of power. The project is also aimed at providing quality power to the agriculture connections. The SPDCL has already launched a survey of agricultural connections, and power requirements under 19 sub stations in Nuzvid area, and completed nearly 25 per cent of the work.

In the new system, High Voltage Distribution System (HVDS), not more than three agricultural connections are provided supply from each transformer. The authorities will calculate the power requirement/ motor capacity of each AGL -- farmers generally use 3, 5, 7.5, 10 and 12 HP motors -- to install the right capacity transformer.

As the number of connections is fixed, the low voltage or fluctuations in voltage could be addressed. The SPDCL will put up 16kv and 25kv, and has plans to install nearly 4,000 transformers. As many as 14,000 agricultural connections (AGLs) will be covered under the pilot project, while there are about 30,000 AGLs in Nuzvid area, officials say.

The SPDCL will spend Rs. 80 crore during the phase-I to install new transformers and power lines.

The company has divided the project into three packages. While two packages cost Rs. 51.84 crore, and another costs Rs. 28.73 crore. The project is scheduled to complete by June-July this year. The existing Low Tension (LT) lines have to be converted into HT (high tension) lines.

When contacted, SPDCL Vijayawada Superintending Engineer B. Mohana Krishna said that the HVDS would help in keeping a tab on unauthorised power consumption. The AGL consumers would not keep quiet if there were any power thefts on their transformer with a fear that increase in load will lead to failure of the transformer. The line losses could also be brought down considerably. The transformers failure rate would also come down.

The company would save Rs. 10,000 to Rs. 25,000 on repair of each transformer, he explained.

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