It was an energising session aimed at equipping students with traits that are needed to face the competitive world head-on in a bold manner. Every single day is a new life to be lived energetically, enthusiastically and fully. Fatigue is nothing but an illusion created by thoughts. “There are simple ways available to drive out exhaustion and enjoy things we do in our day-to-day life,” says well-known author and personality development trainer Yandamoori Veerendranath.

He was delivering a talk on ‘How to be a Number One student,” organised by The Hindu Education Plus in association with Karur Vysya Bank at Tummalapallivari Kshetrayya Kalakshetram on Wednesday for students of SSC and Intermediate.

Doling out tips on how to make student life a happy stage, he spoke of the significance of a ‘smile' and the need to ward away negative emotions like ‘tension'.

Speaking about the difference between ‘target' and ‘desire' and a ‘watcher' and a ‘performer', Mr. Veerendranath explained how mind and heart simultaneously transmitted ‘orders' and how important it was for an individual to take the right stand at the right moment.

Developing concentration and memory power to outdo others in the race was essential, he emphasised, dwelling at length on the various reasons for lack of concentration in an individual. The veteran personality development counsellor laced his talk with adequate humour, which kept the interest levels of the participants high throughout the session. “There are many Abdul Kalams and Einsteins among you. The whole idea of this session is to help you spot the greatness in you and explore them to the maximum possible extent,” he said.

Not letting monotony to set in, Mr. Veerendranath added life to the surroundings by ensuring active participation of the students. “After waking up in the morning, look at yourself in the mirror, smile and admire your face for a while…reach the examination hall half an hour in advance….don't talk to anyone around…when you get the question paper, read it thoroughly and smile at the paper…”, he went on smiling at the many raised eyebrows among the audiences. “This will generate positive thinking,” he explained. “Tighten your fist…take a deep breath and never answer any question immediately,” he said, explaining the causes of the set of ‘don'ts'.

Gold medal

Besides giving several certificates to the active participants who answered his volley of queries with equal enthusiasm, Mr. Veerendranath presented a gold ring to a boy who correctly named five neighbouring countries of India in a jiffy. B. Supraja, an Intermediate student, was given a gold medal for standing out in the crowd.

The students were hungry for more, but time constraint forced closure of the enlightening session that apparently worked as the right tonic for the examination fever suffered by most of the students.

The Hindu Regional General Manager K. Chandrasekaran welcomed. Karur Vysya Bank Limited Assistant General Manager K. Satyamoorthi was present.


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