The ‘coal linkage’ from Singareni Collieries Company Limited (SCCL) to Dr. Narla Tatarao Thermal Power Station (NTTPS) is not considered critical in view of the current Seemandhra agitation.


The total coal requirement of the plant is about 29,000 tonnes which is ferried to the plant by eight train rakes daily from the Mahanadi Coalfields Limited (MCL) in Orissa and a part is imported from Australia and the rest is routed from SCCL, said VTPS Chief Engineer J. Sammaiah. The threat by agitators to stop the coal movement from Telangana region will not be of any concern to the authorities here.

Good reputation

“Of the eight or nine rakes about five come from MCL, at least one contains coal from Australia and two to three from SCCL. Hence in the event of bifurcation the linkage from SCCL, which falls in Telangana region, will not become a critical factor for the plant,” said the Chief Engineer.

The installed capacity of the plant located at Ibrahimpatnam is 1,760 MW with six 210 MW turbines and one 500 MW turbine and has earned the reputation of being one the best thermal power plants in the nation with regard to optimum generation of load factor.

‘Coal national asset’

Acquiescing with the Chief Engineer, former Union Energy Secretary E.A.S. Sarma said that coal was a national asset and the lead distance average was taken into consideration when supply to thermal plants was considered.

Onus on SCCL

“As per norms, 600 km is considered to be the lead distance and the SCCL has to supply to the NTTPS. ‘If you don’t give - you suffer’ and the Singareni Collieries Company Limited cannot be forced to go back on it,” pointed out Mr. Sarma.