The contest provides children with a coconut for canvas

In view of the upcoming occasion of Independence Day celebrations, an innovative art contest with coconuts as canvas was conducted on Sunday.

The competition organised by the Spoorthi Creative Art School, had children of all ages thronging the school trying to reproduce their artworks on a coconut.

Theme for the artwork was “Mother India” which had kids showcasing their patriotism through art.

Artworks on India’s culture, freedom fighters, India’s geographical beauty, monuments and festivals of the Country were done by the children in this competition.

“We want to conduct as many innovative programmes as possible to generate interest among children and promote the culture of art in Vijayawada,” said School Director G. Srinivas.

Children need an outlet like this for them to gain confidence in themselves which in turn would encourage them to perform better in academics as well, opined Mr. Srinivas. This also opens a window for creativity among children and helps them think differently.


On the occasion of World Photography Day, the school will conduct a “Photography Art Contest” on August 19, announced the School Director. Results of the Coconut Art Contest will be announced during this photography contest, he added.

Prizes and certificates will be distributed by Cartoonist and Editor of website Kalasagar.

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