Flood threat continues for Rajiv Nagar; officials put on alert; 10,000 flood victims are taking shelter in the rehabilitation centres

Floods caused by Cyclone Nilam continued to haunt the residents on the city outskirts, on Monday, 72 hours after their colonies began to get inundated.

Many colonies are under a sheet of water for the last three days causing inconvenience to the residents.

The water level has receded in major canals and streams, but the rainwater that had entered the colonies did not recede. As of Monday about 10,000 flood victims are taking shelter in the rehabilitation centres set up by the government. About ten district-level officers, equal number of Deputy Collectors, 25 Deputy Tahsildars, 25 Revenue Inspectors and 50 Village Revenue Officers are monitoring the facilities in the rehabilitation centres.

Areas marooned

Areas that are still inundated and do not have proper communication facilities include Rotary Nagar, Vijayadurga Nagar (Madhya Katta), Ambedkar Nagar (near Chitti Nagar), Urmila Nagar, Indira Naik Nagar, Joji Nagar and part of Brahmaiah Nagar. In One Town, flood water got stagnated in Kabela, K.L. Rao Municipal Colony and Milk Project areas.

Speaking to The Hindu Sub-Collector S. Venkat Rao said that a team of National Disaster Response Force personnel were posted at Rajiv Nagar as there was a possibility of breach in Pamula Kaluva and the Budameru. Officials were instructed to strengthen the bund by dumping sand bags and put on alert.

Rehab centres

Sixteen rehabilitation centres were being continued for the past three days and breakfast, lunch, water and milk were being distributed to the victims staying in these centres, said the Sub-Collector.

“There is no flood water coming from the catchment areas and the water was receding in Budameru canal, Pamulakaluva and other rivulets. Officials are taking steps to drain out the stagnated flood water from the colonies and prevent outbreak of diseases,” said Mr. Rao.

The floods had caused a lot of destruction in the colonies. More than one foot of water got stagnated on the streets and the residents have requested the authorities to drain out using motors, according to a K. Mahalakshmi, a resident of of Ambedkar Nagar.