Compared to other older residential areas this Vijayawada colony is well-planned, spacious, neat, clean and green

Come to RTC Colony, and you will see that it is one of the favourite destinations for those looking for serene and posh environs in the city. Not just that, the colony has many firsts to its credit.

Compared to other older residential areas the colony is well-planned, spacious, neat, clean and green. The process of establishment of the colony began in the early 1980s with initiative of RTC employees. “When the colony foundations were laid, it was just a marshy land. The Maris Stella College, Polytechnic etc. could be seen from our fourth lane (one end of the colony),” recalls Padmanabhan, an old timer.

From the inception, the residents took a lot of pain to develop the fledgling residential colony of the city. “Our sustained and coordinated efforts did not go in vain. The colony was adjudged ‘the best’ colony in 2012,” says Gowrneni Jaganmohan Rao, honorary president of the RTC Colony Welfare Association.

The RTC Colony is the first one in the city to join hands with Vijayawada Municipal Corporation and lay cement roads on contribution basis and the residents bore 50 per cent of the cost. The Association planned to construct a water treatment plant (Reverse Osmosis technology) at a cost of Rs.5.70 lakh for the benefit of residents. The Corporation, however, did not agree to it. The association is hopeful that the government would accept the proposal, he says.

Another dream of the residents, the underground cable power supply, did not materialise as the APSPDCL insisted that entire cost be borne by the association. The project is estimated to cost Rs.70 lakh, he adds.

Piped gas

The colony would have become first colony in entire State to have piped gas supply had there been no change in the guard at the State capital in 2004. The TDP government selected the RTC Colony to launch piped gas supply scheme as pilot project.

The pipelines were laid and everything was ready except construction of storage units. With sudden change in the government, the project was put on the backburner, residents say.

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