Sri Durga Malleswara Swamyvarla Devasthanam authorities will get a diamond crown (vajra kireetam) made to presiding deity goddess Kanaka Durga. The diamond studded crown is likely to cost Rs.4.5 crore.

The authorities are contemplating using the gold stocks available with the temple for making the crown. The temple has more than 5 kg. of gold and the crown requires 3.5 kg. The crown will have pure quality diamonds, more than 400 carats.

A tentative design, on lines of Penunganchiprolu Tirupatamma diamond crown, is prepared with few changes. The proposed crown will have karna patralu, an ornament covering ears, will be additional feature. The crown will have jwala (fire) as fire is one of the manifestations of goddess. The temple authorities are also proposing to make Surya and Chandra (sun and moon), Sankha and Chakra as part of the project, sources say.

The temple authorities have sent the proposals to higher ups in Endowments Department. Tentatively, they have agreed to go ahead with the project. They, however, asked whether there would be any burden on the government. Devasthanam officials told them that the temple had abundant gold (in biscuit form) to meet the requirements.

When contacted, temple Executive Officer K. Prabhakara Srinivas said they would invite tenders as son as they receive formal approval from the government. The goddess will be decked up with diamond studded crown during Dasara if Endowments Department Sthapathi from Hyderabad is scheduled to arrive here on Sunday. The Sthapathi will finanlise the crown designs. The crown design should meet the descriptions of goddess Kanaka Durga in puranas and Vedas, officials say.

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